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Ensnared and Enshrined in Mind
A Journal Sojurn
Big Brother is Watching You: not very NSA them (pops)

I've decided to start linking interesting and/or relevant articles I find online. This one would boggle my mind if it weren't where we've transparently been headed. (some trick for such an opaque gov't) I only hope the public comes to care more apparently about such things as this. There is no reason for the current administration to be fashioning the tools of an Orwellian state (secret arrest, torture, spying, yellow press, etc..) except for them to be used. If the judicial doesn't step up, checks and balances will become nothing more than a vestigial part of our society. Especially as these invisible tools may already be easily and perhaps even "legally" used on anyone, including opposing parties, and dissenters to the party line. We'd even have to (secretly) invent a new word to replace what the newly trademarked "freedom" used to really mean.

I'm only hoping we're at about the end of our "things get worse before they get better" cycle. It's just when it comes to encroaching fascism, it's really best to stay ahead of these things. Aghast and flabbergasted have I read some of the thoughts of those who cannot connect-the-dots and see the big picture. Absolute + Power (always) = Corrupts Absolutely.

Remember: "if you're innocent, you have nothing to hide." The Bush Administration is just hiding everything it does with Diebold and its Big Oil cronies, among others.... out of sheer modesty, that's the ticket!

Privacy for some, miniature American flags for others!

I'm glad I'm an optimist.

Current Location: the shadow knows
Mood Ring: determined determined
Listen to This!: Beatles - Los Paranoias

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everpresent absentee
I blind myself in mockery
prescient as a pastry
(and do not come to it too hasty)

in a world like a hybrid
of something badly recited
passed down, mangled, tangled and rambled
then symplified, benighted
with truth injected

but coaxed to unfurl with the clover
smelled in the wind, and coconut rum
and run with the rover
the relaxual atmosphere
becomes greater than the garden and the grower

Mood Ring: hopeful hopeful
Listen to This!: Les Claypool - Thela Hun Gingeet

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Antecedent, repeat it, ignore what the screed says
The way we got where we are is what impedes us
Found so familiar, the taste that still pleases
But from what comes before is what succeeds us

The square root of none, belief on a bun
I found I was created by my own invention
Scarred my pride and joystick by extension
Like a free play, but without admissions

To prattle off for a time about fire
and how it lit and quivered the wire
It found the goal of its hearts desire
but still spoke words that burned its tongue

But back to earth and dirty business again
To whom it will happen, where and when
The cameras that cover and the pens that opin
Wish for titans, rising and falling, and selling sodas and skin

Tucked off in no jaded glade
a gardner, small, with till and spade
Shades his brow and hums a tune, coolest it's been in a month
He listens to birds call and croon
Soothed away from mans burgeoning; all borders, noise, and lights
Untouched by blight, he grows his own satisfaction
And inward illumes

Mood Ring: hungry hungry
Listen to This!: Phish - My Soul

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Warp wood with steam, warp hope with dream
Warp pipe takes me home, at least when I'm in Rome
There's nowhere else to scheme 'cept behind the aquamarine
Images of Nostalg-Icons plastered with chrome

Intoxicant replaced with Euphoriant
Praises to the green man anti-exfoliant
Serendipity-do, surrender to encouragement
Freedom of thought heeds not infringements

Comforted and blessed, on the syllable stressed
Where the new of the old, is now to be abreast
of what was previously dreamed, invisible firmament
Wrought today in energy and cement

Films separating themes, eclairs and cremes
greeen poison in thimble, hoisin in drimble over a pork feast
of which i can not say the least slays me in it its offering
by which gods profferng i should fangedly eat
even though it it is sweet, i feel the cost of the crocodiles tears that lay at my feet

and are you still there, of the beast that bewares, that finds the mark that the arrow meets
where else then would you retreat, it is not the refuge you seek
the wild and the primal urge that calls you forth in the hunt on the peak
ad infinitum, there lies the answer in the distance, where the lines merge from three

Now I've had enough to drink but one more for the road
And at least now i showed you my truth always separate from speak
When the beaker is tipped, mr hide will not speak
But 100 proofed my love, galvanized

Numbly and Fumbly,

Wizly Quasi-Ozy

Mood Ring: drunk drunk
Listen to This!: Ween - Shinola vol 1 - I Fell In Love Today

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There once was a man who was sick
Of the bawdy house limericks
So he went to the house, instead, immediately got soused
And out the door tripped over his own morality

But is there a moral to the story, in every cattegory
When the rain falls can it not simply scatter?
Must our judgements impede, on every sight that we see'd
Must the Earth be allegoricaly flatter?

Stir your words thicker than batter
All hail to the gourd, dance with the mad hatter
Fall to the ground put your hands together
The newer your eyes, the more sight is unfettered

So do you see through the gauzy sauce
Ungracious malarkey, and rumour salacious
Waters murkey, and crimes plain outrageous
That there is no need to forgive or to save us?

Feed into the currents buzzing, feel your hair stand on end
It flows from all mothers, cousins, and friends
From wood, water, sand, and stone; from pen and from sabre
Feel your way to the truths on which no perspective depends
The emperical emporer, the cypher distemperer
The glorious animus, from which we arise without end

Mood Ring: tired tired
Listen to This!: not a creature was stirring

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I Am A: Neutral Good Elf Bard Mage

Neutral Good characters believe in the power of good above all else. They will work to make the world a better place, and will do whatever is necessary to bring that about, whether it goes for or against whatever is considered 'normal'.

Elves are the eldest of all races, although they are generally a bit smaller than humans. They are generally well-cultured, artistic, easy-going, and because of their long lives, unconcerned with day-to-day activities that other races frequently concern themselves with. Elves are, effectively, immortal, although they can be killed. After a thousand years or so, they simply pass on to the next plane of existance.

Primary Class:
Bards are the entertainers. They sing, dance, and play instruments to make other people happy, and, frequently, make money. They also tend to dabble in magic a bit.

Secondary Class:
Mages harness the magical energies for their own use. Spells, spell books, and long hours in the library are their loves. While often not physically strong, their mental talents can make up for this.

Oghma is the Neutral Good god of knowledge and invention. He is also known as the Binder of What is Known, and is the Patron of Bards. His followers believe that knowledge reigns supreme, and is the basis for everything else that is done. They wear white shirts and pants, with a black and gold braided vest, and a small, box-like hat. All priests of Oghma are known as Loremasters. Oghma's symbol is a scroll.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy of NeppyMan (e-mail)

Mood Ring: moody moody
Listen to This!: Rolling Stones - Loving Cup

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Complacent nascent tendrils of indolent magnificence
Rainy Day, the pulse is hastened
Yet again, in the morning, dwelling wasted
Teleologicial massage, spiritual kung fu
Unknotted the nerves, monkey see, monkey do

Hid behind shades where the Violet invades
A finger curls slow 'gainst the hair that cascades
Inspiration, when images unbidden
Come knocking and prying, running and flying
From the backs of the steeds they had ridden

There is one who watches, bemused
She is the growing in my sunlight, watery-eyed doe
I am the mowing in the grass-light, watching it go
The unheard word, ghostwrit from the muse
Apollo blew his mind on Rhythm and Blues.


So obviously what I am trying to say is I have finally gotten around to creating a myspace account so I can share music.

Some of my original songs for download, warts and all! (pops)


I would never win at a slam
So I'm going to promulgate poetry spam
Start with a few dozen words of your choice -
pepper with obscenities or salt with serenity
do not fear to break the word eggs
within them lies your inner voice

Mood Ring: creative creative
Listen to This!: David Bowie - Life On Mars?

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And so we have struck forth indeed into this new year. What to say? The calendrical turbulence is settling and we are at the household holed up in wierd-weather winter. The overcast and rain always gets to me. As does the train that whistles somewhere nearby once in a while. I've been mulling, musing, and playing piano. I've been kneading and stretching my brain from the left to the twain. Always have been......... different, let's go with that. Yet here are the results from my dysfunction quiz.

Your Social Dysfunction:

You're a happy person - you have a good amount of self-esteem, and are socially healthy. While this isn't a social dysfunction per se, you're definitely not normal. Consider yourself lucky: you walk that fine line between 'normal' and being outright narcissistic. You're rare - which is something else to be happy about.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

Please note that we aren't, nor do we claim to be, psychologists. This quiz is for fun and entertainment only. Try not to freak out about your results.

It turns out I was happy all along! Wait.... normal people aren't happy? Now I'm sad. Gotta get me some (more) of this ignorant bliss I been hearin' about. It keeps running out.
My personal feeling is that I am probably dysfunctional but not unhappy about it.

Mood Ring: contemplative contemplative
Listen to This!: Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane

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<td align="center" style="background: #000000; color: #FFFFFF;">Mstrefugee's Random Movie Quote:

'We must kill them. We must incinerate them. Pig after pig. Cow after cow. Village after village. Army after army.'

- Kurtz, Apocalypse Now

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

I don't know what to make of this one. Could this be a omen of the largest pork and rib bbq festival in the world, followed by an inexplicable period of cannibalism? It's too soon to say. I'm just going to view it as a statement on the madness of war.

Or it could mean that I am prone to war crimes.

Don't cross me!

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Listen to This!: Katamari Damacy

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Go easy on that.
You will drink too much gin. Not the worst way to
die, but you won't remember too much of your
life. Hey, at least you made some people laugh!

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla

Phooey, I don't even like gin! If we could substitute rum or tequila, I suppose it's an Edward Gorey death I could, erm, live with.

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Listen to This!: Bob Dylan - When I Paint My Masterpiece

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